Hansha no Choosen

Ninja-style dodgeball!

Up to 4 players can compete in a game of ninja dodgeball! Slash arrows around to bounce them back to your opponents and try to kill their VIPs before they kill yours!

Developed in Unity in 2 days over spring break.

Download link: Windows (Mac soon to come!)


Xbox 360 Controller:

  • Movement (Left stick)
  • Forward Slash (X button)


  • Slash arrows to bounce them around
  • Arrows bounce off walls!
  • Destroy your opponent VIPs


The idea for this game came to me as I worked on my MFA thesis project, Ninja Tag, after coming up with arrows that could be bounced off walls to kill other players (like a trick shot). Borrowing extra inspiration from dodgeball (interestingly not that popular back in Brazil), I quickly put up a game in which the players can use sword slashes to bounce arrows around in order to destroy the other team’s targets while protecting their own.

The game ended up being extremely simple to learn, but requires a whole lot of concentration and training to get the slashing timing just right to be able to skillfully direct the arrow on the optimal path into the enemy’s target.