Do Something (Global Game Jam 2015)

The joys of solving world’s problems!!

Do Something is a 4-player local multiplayer game where you work together to make decisions about the fate of the world. Every player is a member of a powerful committee that is solving the world’s problems, by rapidly pressing the corresponding button on their controller to voice their support for one of the solutions.

A decision gets made ONLY IF the MAJORITY of the committee comes to a CONSENSUS. As expected, miscommunication ensues.

Do Something was a nominee for “Best Art” and “Best Use of Theme”!

Developed in 48 hours with Zack Zhang, Winnie Song and Chris Wallace.

Requires one Xbox 360 controller for each player.

Platforms available: OSX (LINK)


My first game jam ever! I expected a ton of stress and lack of sleep but thankfully I was able to work with my cool NYU MFA friends and we set out to make a game while having fun and making a vow to have zero crunch moments. The result was a fun and interesting game. Zack even showed interest in continuing improving the game! Who doesn’t love a game about chaotic voting to determine the fate of the world?

Making a game while having fun paid off: We were nominated for “Best Art” and “Best Use of Theme”! Yeah!!

Me: Programming

Zack: Programming

Chris: Progamming and Audio

Winnie: Art