2-Hit Karate (PROTOTYPE)

Good ol’ one-two punch!

Can you prevail over quick dashes and kicks to hit your opponent twice and win the match? This (glitchy) game is all about hitting your opponent while they are knocked out to kill him/her, so get on to it!

Developed with Sigusteinn Gunnarsson in Unity as our Thesis Jam Prototype at the NYU Game Center (4 days).

Requires two to four Xbox 360 Controllers.

Platforms available: Web Player (LINK)


Xbox 360 Controller:

  • Movement (Left stick)
  • Jump and double jump (A button)
  • Dash (Left trigger + Left stick)
  • Kick (Right trigger + Left stick)


  • Hit your opponent once to knock him out
  • Hit him again while in the knocked out state to kill him
  • After a few seconds, a player recovers from the knocked out state
  • Wall jump is available and highly recommended
  • Expect glitches, this is a PROTOTYPE!


2-Hit Karate was a nice “break” from the super busy routine me and Sig were going through during the finals here at the NYU Game Center. The idea behind it was to create a minimalistic but action-packed fighting game: players can charge-kick into their opponents and dash to dodge. If you are hit, you fall to the ground and stay knocked out for a few seconds. If you are hit again while knocked out, you die and the game is over. However, if you manage to recover (maybe your opponent is bad or your teammate protected you) your “health” will be completely full again and the battle continues.

We created this small prototype after 4 days of work (around 24 hours total) and, while Sig will be doing other things for his MFA Thesis project, I will continue to explore this idea, at least for now. I believe that the knocked out state can become an interesting moment for the players, and not just a helpless situation in which you have little agency in the game. Hopefully, this will bloom into a great game! 🙂

Me: Programming, some audio

Sig: Some programming, audio and animations